A Free Gift For You

Meditation from 8:00 pm to 8:30 pm IST (Indian Standard Time)



  • It is God’s love in its purest form. It is completely unconditional
  • It demands nothing of giver nor of the receiver
  • It propounds no creed or dogma. It requires no specific belief in the supreme being or in Reiki itself. Used in its traditional form, as developed by Dr. Usui in the Usui system of natural healing
  • Reiki heals the body and emotions bringing them into balance and promoting health, happiness, prosperity and long life


This meditation is the initiative of Guru Maa.

The timing for meditation is in the evening as stated above.

Free meditation for your problems.


Process– How to meditate

  1. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths
  2. Think about God
  3. Relax your body
  4. Think about pain/problem you have, name it and feel your particular pain/problem getting released to the God with your every breath out. Also feel the holy white light filling up your empty space from head to toe
  5. Visualize that your pain/problem has been gone/cured completely
  6. Feel happy with the divine Reiki energy during 15-20 minutes
  7. At last give thanks to the God and Guru Maa from the heart
  8. Repeat this for 40 consecutive days
  9. This meditation is for one and only one pain/problem at a time. You can meditate with other problem after your first problem is over
  10. Please do share your experiences with us


Thank you