An ancient divine technique. Dowsing is a pendulum quarrying system knowing the unknown. You ask and pendulum answers everything(through your subconscious universal mind) about your business, career, health, missing persons, past, present and future events, hidden water, oil, mineral resources and endless day to day life problems.

The dowsing is a occult method believed to be used for locating water, gemstones, oil repository and buried metals or ores etc.

The person using dowser first builds rapport with the dowser by a series of questions and practice. As practice is perfected the dowser comes in resonance with the subconscious mind of the person who dowses. Quiet mind is prerequisite for effective dowsing. The following points should be known to the dowsing practitioner :

  • The questions must be clear cut and short. It must be precisely formulated.
  • You must first build a good rapport with the dowser and then proceed. This will develop your understanding about the whole procedure of dowsing.
  • The answers you program into dowser must be mutually exclusive i.e. if first occurs the other can not occur.
  • To use dowsing you should understand the working of manomaya kosha (mind sheath).
  • Do not rely heavily on dowsing for any thing.
  • If you use a crystal pendulum as equipment for dowsing then before using it always charge it through reiki.

Many reiki practitioners use dowser as a diagnosis tool in their reiki treatment. The use of dowser for such purpose is highly subjective and it should be left at the practitioner’s discretion. A dowser can be used to measure the effective area of the energy coming from the chakra before and after reiki attunements. It can be used locate lost things. It can be used as a divine guidance tool.