Becoming a Grand Master in true sense

The master of the masters is known as the Grand Master. One who is so proficient in Reiki, that he has the ability to make numerous good masters.


  • Grand Masters instant powerful Healing Techniques.
  • In depth essence & facts of initiation.
  • Usui’s hidden knowledge & true story.
  • The origin of all symbols.
  • The science of symbols and study.
  • How to perform Mass Healing Empowerment (a most powerful technique taught only to RHF – Grand Masters to heal at a time hundreds to thousands of person).
  • How to operate Master grid 3 Master (specific) healing technique for Grand Masters
  • How to attune & create a powerful Reiki Master. (Master Attunement)
  • Additional Symbols etc.


After Grand Master Level you can train expert Reiki masters yourself.