PSYCHIC SURGERY (Mental Surgery)


In this process, three types of surgeries are taught:-


  1. Telepathic Psychic Surgery
  2. Laser Psychic Surgery
  3. Aura Psychic Surgery


Psychic Surgery is such a complete, alone & powerful science in itself that you could earn name, fame & wealth by gaining mastery over it.


We can heal any type of disease with Psychic Surgery just like real surgery, We can take out and eliminate all types of toxic deposits such as stones, tumors, mucus, cholesterol or any kind of harmful toxic deposits and can replace, repair & regenerate new tissues. Not only this, but we can also make our mental powers and third eye powerful by this process and our inner vision could clearly see the insight of everything and provide us full intuitional guidance as to how to proceed ahead, what to do and what not to do. Numerous students have done miraculous treatments through this process, you too could do the same.