Reiki Level II

This is an advance course

Certification– Advance Reiki Healer

Full empowerment

(Level I is partial empowerment)


  • A Quantum leap to higher levels of Reiki energy.


  • Powerful divine symbols for all (healing, physical, mental, emotional and  spiritual) achievements, goals, relationships,  personal growth,  progress, ambitions, business etc.


  • The fastest way to clean negative aura, environment and energize and heal.


  • Self – realization (close contact with yourself)


  • Third eye opening meditation – to heighten the intuition and telepathy


  • Distant /Absent Healing sending  Reiki  energy across time and space.


  • Self protecting techniques for Business, Family & Travelling.


  • Spiritual Nutrition—for the fastest Attunement with the higher spirit – optimum health, energy – permanent cure and longevity.

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