Reiki Symbols

Reiki symbols are sacred and secret. It is a part of the Reiki tradition that they are to be kept confidential. They are only revealed to those who have taken second degree Reiki and received the attunement that empowers them. However, their nature, purpose and usage can be discussed without violating the tradition.

The attunement actually empowers the symbols so that they will fulfill their intended purpose. Before the attunement the symbols don’t seem to have an influence on the Reiki energies. After the attunement, the effect is definitely there. Reiki symbols are transcendental in nature. Reiki then affecting only the subconscious mind as most symbols do, the Reiki symbols connect directly to the God-consciousness. Whenever a Reiki symbol is used by someone who has Second degree Reiki, the Odd-consciousness, or Rei, responds by changing the way Reiki energy functions. This process has been created by a divine convenient or sacred agreement between God and those who have Second degree Reiki. A person does not have to be in an altered state for the symbols to work. They work automatically every time they are used. They are like keys that open the doors to higher levels of awareness/ manifestation.

The symbols must be drawn and used correctly to activate them. Reiki symbols have their own consciousness, it is possible to meditate on them, and receive guidance on how to use them directly from the symbols themselves. This often results in people discovering new ways to use the symbols. The cave drawings were symbols. Symbols are a way of linking the conscious mind to the subconscious or deep still to the unconscious. We seem to “feel” symbols rather than “reading or thinking” them. A different part of the brain operates when contemplating, drawing or using a symbol. You do not have to be in any altered state of consciousness when you are using any of the symbols. All you have to do is draw it once (Physically or mentally) and say it (Verbally or mentally) three times.

During classes you will receive attunements that will balance the left and right brain hemispheres (yin and young balance). Also you will receive three symbols to activate multiplied energy, mental clearing and do absentee healing. These symbols should be treated as secret and should not be shared with anyone who has not been prepared and has not been initiated into Second Degree Reiki. The Second Degree Reiki consists of a set of three Symbols with a distinct vibration of the highest spiritual implication when utilized properly. The symbols are drawn either with the hand or the third eye as the names of the symbols are spoken either aloud or silently. Every time the enactment of the Reiki symbol or symbols occurs, unseen forces are activated. The degree of the power of activation depends on many things including the clarity of the practitioner as well as the ability of the client to accept the energy.

All the symbols can be used in hands-on or in distance healing practices. The hand positions in Reiki II are exactly the same as in Reiki I. The only difference is the drawing of the symbol on the body with the finger or palm of the dominant hand. The drawing of the symbol may be done with the finger directly on the body or with the finger or the palm about an inch above the body. Say the name of the symbol three times while you are drawing the symbol. Then continue sending the energy through the use of the Reiki hand positions. Remember from Reiki I class that when channeling energy the fingers of the hand should be tightly closed to focus and direct the energy.

That is why we did not tell you about any of the symbols.