Full information about crystal sciences is given in the III Degree course. You learn numerous powerful methods of treatment through crystal in it. Crystal science is such a powerful science in itself that a person can become a successful healer by gaining mastery alone in it.


Through crystal science, we can send healing & Reiki energy continuously for 24 hours, anywhere in the world.


  1. The history of crystal. the mystical experiments done by saints and mysterious people
  2. The origination of the modern science of crystal and its utilization, its use in science and everyday life and revolution in electronic world.
  3. Numerous methods of choosing the right original crystals.
  4. Its effects on body, mind, emotions & chakras.
  5. The crystals of various colors, their advantages and uses.
  6. How to find the original crystal and numerous methods to use it.
  7. Various methods to immediately treat pain and diseases through crystal
  8. The method to activate chakras and balance them through crystals.
  9. Development of concentration, mental and spiritual powers through crystal
  10. To increase the energy of anything through crystals may be it electronic, ordinary eatables, medicines, plants etc. and other things.