Success Stories

What Our Clients Are Saying

“After the first session, I felt lighter and stronger inside and out (like I had gotten both a massage and counseling). The effect lasted for over a week. I have had two sessions since, each one is different. I am looking forward to several more visits.”

Akshay Singh Engineer

“Prior to my session I was on the edge of going into another depression. In the days after my session, the peacefulness stayed with me for a week and I walked away with a strengthened sense of myself.”

Aditya Rajput Student

“I really enjoyed the sessions I had. In my stressful life it was wonderful to have an hour or so of such relaxation that lasted for several days after. Also, Reiki are such a nice technique, it is a pleasure just to be around it! So I decided to know more about it and learn it.”

Mohit Sagar Bank Employee

I was very much upset with my arthritis, years of treatment but no benefit. Then I came to know about Reiki and its benefits. I gave it a try and voila! my arthritis was cured completely. Thanks to Reiki and God. I was 70 when I took the treatment!

Sarla Devi Housewife

My pending salary application got sanctioned, when I did Reiki healing. Reiki has great outcome.

Rajbahadur Govt. Employee

I found a perfect son in law for my daughter and bought two cars in two successive years. Reiki can do miracles even if comes to finance.

Rakesh Jaya Rajput Govt. employee, Teacher