Vastu Shastra



Vastu Shastra is a traditional hindu system of architecture, and it is a science which helps in getting many benefits such as health, wealth, love, peace, prosperity etc. This technique mainly focuses on the architecture of your house meaning that where should be the kitchen, where should be your bedroom, where should be your bathroom, where should be your guest room and each and every thing which is present in the house.

We have experts who provide each and every solution to the problem related to vastu shastra, some of them includes-

  1. Map/Architecture of your house
  2. How to make a prosperous home
  3. Flats planning
  4. Commercial Complex planning
  5. Slope of house
  6. Main gate entry vastu of house
  7. Remedial vastu treatment
  8. Use of pyramids in vastu
  9. Use of crystals in Vastu
  10. Feng Shui science
  11. Many others